An Overview of Proposed Changes to India’s Personal Data Protection Bill

Timeline leading to the PDPB

Recommendations Made to the PDPB

Timelines for Implementation (Clause 1)

Scope of Application (Clause 2)

Definitions (Clause 3)

Processing of Personal Data Without Consent (Clauses 13 and 14)

Processing of Personal Data of Children (Clause 16)

User Rights (Clauses 17, 19, and 23)

Casualty or Death

Data Portability

Breach Reporting (Clause 25)

Social Media Platforms (Clause 26)

Data Protection Officer (Clause 30)

Data Transfer (Clause 34)

Exemptions from the Regulation (Clause 35)

Sandbox Environment (Clause 40)

Composition of the DPA (Clause 42)

Testing and Certification of Hardware Devices (Clause 49)

Data Localization




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