Evolving Cookie Landscape and Consent Management

  • You are still required to obtain the data subject’s consent since there remains the possibility of tracking individuals due to the use of first-party data and various online tracking technologies
  • You are still required to display accurate and comprehensive information on consent banners
  • You are still required to maintain updated consent records to help you demonstrate compliance.

Scanning of tracking technologies

Most cookie guidelines released by data protection regulatory authorities apply equally to cookies and similar tracking technologies that allow reading and storing of the user’s data such as a built-in storage mechanism (local storage and session storage), tracking pixels, and web beacons. Securiti’s CMP scans not just cookies but also these similar tracking technologies.

Detection and auto-categorization of first-party cookies

The obligation to obtain consent from the data subject not just pertains to the use of third-party cookies but also first-party cookies. This is because first-party cookies are able to collect an individual’s personal data and may contribute to building their profiles.

Initiator path-cookie category configuration

Securiti’s CMP enables you to honor consent via tag manager, auto-blocking and initiator path-cookie category configuration which is not dependent on third-party cookies. The Initiator Path enables you to block trackers when a user chooses to opt-out. When a user opts-out via the cookie consent banner, Securiti blocks those cookies and the trackers’ initiator path automatically.

Leading industry frameworks and regulatory compliance

Securiti’s CMP supports leading and upcoming industry frameworks and regulatory compliance. We allow users to provide freely-given consent and withdraw without any detriment, ensuring compliance with the IAB GDPR framework, GDPR and e-Privacy Directive. Cookie banners are configurable and granular to also allow you to add participating vendors as well as standardized cookie purposes.

Consent records

Securiti’s CMP keeps an updated and comprehensive audit trail to help you demonstrate compliance. It stores individual consent records, the content the data subject has consented to, consent status (granted, declined, or withdrawn), and timestamps of consent status.



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