Snowflake Migration Best Practices

Organizations are increasingly adopting data-intensive applications and are choosing to migrate their legacy systems to the Snowflake data cloud, and this is expected to continue. Snowflake revolutionized data processing by enabling customers to process queries at lightning speed, with virtually unlimited workloads running concurrently. It also allows customers to quickly scale up or scale down data processing power according to their needs. Also, the ‘pay-as-you-go’ model enables snowflake customers to optimize their budgetary dollars.

We understand the benefits of migrating to Snowflake. Still, experts recommend some common best practices that can help ensure organizations migrate their data safely and get the most out of Snowflake’s features.

Snowflake Migration Best Practice #1:

Ensure Your Technology Stack has the Following Features

Snowflake Migration Best Practice #2:

Plan for the following Key Requirements before starting the Snowflake Data Migration Process

Snowflake Migration Best Practice #3:

Plan and Manage Costs Effectively

The pay-as-you-go model is a major reason why companies deploy Snowflake. The model reduces infrastructure costs (because most of the data is migrated to the cloud) and allows companies to re-allocate capital efficiently.

To forecast costs accurately, it is crucial to determine exactly how many resources your company will be using in a given month. Planning teams should forecast costs before initiating the Snowflake data migration process.

The following questions will help you forecast accurately:

Secure Snowflake Data Migration with Securiti

Securiti has designed a customized solution that integrates natively with Snowflake and simplifies Data Governance, privacy, and security with automation.

Data Governance for Snowflake

Securiti incorporates all of the Data Governance features in Snowflake and simplifies policy enforcement with automation. Once Data Governance policies are set up, the solution can continuously monitor data access and usage configurations, with automatic alerts that flag any misconfigurations.

The solution also incorporates:

Learn more about Securit’s Data Governance features for Snowflake

Data Privacy for Snowflake

Securiti specializes in providing cutting-edge, A.I-powered data privacy solutions that automate:

Data Security for Snowflake

Securiti’s solution also incorporates all of Snowflake’s native data security features, including:

Learn more about Securit’s Data Security features for Snowflake

Data Governance:

Data governance is crucial to effective and compliant data management in Snowflake. Governance teams must formulate and enforce policies at a granular level using a technology solution. The technology solution should have continuous monitoring capabilities that can automatically report any policy violations to data governance teams.




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